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We Have a Surprise For You!

New Interface

Being a part of a startup means listening to a lot of different feedback and taking all of that information back to the app. It means you are constantly improving and tweaking and finding out what truly works best for the users. So, we’re really excited to announce that Copypants has implemented a new interface that is more visually informative and easier to navigate.

See ya, result rows!

It was too overwhelming seeing lists of images and domains. We listened to your feedback and axed that layout completely. With the new cards, each match is sorted by the image or the site it was found on.

Larger and clearer Thumbnails

The image on the cards are higher resolution and significantly larger than in the old layout to help you determine what action you wish to implement.


Take actions directly from Results

Your match results can now be resolved directly from the Results page. Sort by image or by site and select between Allow, Credit, or No Match.

Details, details, details

To learn more about a specific match, click on the card.You’ll be able to see the screenshot of where the image was found, the full URL of the image, and compare your image to the found image.


Inline Confirmation

We’ve never been a big fan of modals, so we have switched over to displaying action confirmations directly beneath your match. This makes navigation much easier!


This certainly isn’t going to be the final version though. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve the experience of our users and making our app incredibly friendly. And don’t worry, we can take the heat. If you’d like us to try something or have ideas you want to send our way, shoot an email to!

By Tien Nguyen


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