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Why are we here?

We don’t want to break the internet. Sharing has been one of the key elements of human interaction, and using other people’s content has been a key principle in the way we interact online.
The current methods of dealing with copyright are very extreme and make it a tough environment for content creators to nurture and sustain their efforts to make the world beautiful. As a society we have taken one of two extremes; we either push strong legal structures to support our claims, or we devalue the work of those who share their efforts with the world.
But how can we do it differently? How do we avoid the weight of a flawed legal system and yet encourage a thriving community of content creation and sharing?
Our goal is to foster relationships between content creators and publishers that revitalize the way we broker value in content. We want to provide the tools for both content owners and content users to exchange value that benefits both sides. The users will be able to add value to their endeavours, and the generators will have the required support to continue creating.
So far, we have learned that content creators want the tools to start positive relationships which allow for more than just legal postulating. They wish to have a clear understanding of how their work is used online so they can make better decisions about their business. They require tools to manage payment and licensing agreements with publishers, and they need the ability to protect their work from theft and abuse.
Most of all, they need tools that free them from spending hours of their day distracted with copyright and trademark challenges. They need more time to create. They want peace of mind, knowing they have mastery over their destiny.
Copypants is here to give them that peace of mind.
By Christopher Adlparvar, CEO

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